First Cyberpuppies NFT
trading card collection

Coming June 11th
More info to come



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Barkery Release!

The Barkery Packs | Sale link: Here

Bite Size Pack

Petite Pack

Grande Pack

Crane Game | Released May 28th (Sold out)

Crane Game

Crane Game (Animation)

Introducing Albert the Border Collie | Released May 21th 2021

Albert the Border Collie

Albert – Discovering Barkium

Mother’s day | Released May 9th 2021

Noodle and her mom

Franky and his mom

Introducing Rex the German Shepherd |Released May 7th 2021

Rex – Reporting for duty

Rex – Reporting for duty

Tri-Paws Token blend event | Released May 3rd-5th 2021

Tri-Paws Token

Maika Token

Noodle Token

Franky Token

The Cyberpuppies are going to space | Released April 16th 2021

Maika – I’ll be bark

Maika the Space Dog

Cyberpuppies in Space

Maika – I’ll be bark (Animated)

Cyberpuppies are going to Cyberspace (Animated)

Introducing Noodle the Poodle | Released April 9th 2021

Noodle – Night

Noodle – Day

Easter themed Franky | Released April 1st 2021

Easter Franky

Happy Easter Franky

Excited Easter Franky

Easter themed stickers | Released April 1st 2021

Easter Egg – Big Puppy

Easter Egg – Small Puppy

Easter Franky Sticker

First Cyberpuppies release | Released March 16th 2021

Excited Franky

Happy Franky